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Monday, September 11, 2017

Crochet Earrings - Series - 1

     These crochet earrings looks elegant due to it's design and contrasting colour combination - A shade of yellow and a shade of Coffee colour.

     These earrings are ideal for special functions. Suitable for parties. Wear with care and it will attract attention of all!

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Crochet Earrings 1

     Since I have not posted anything on my blog, I have decided to post a photo of Crochet earrings whose crochet is done by me. I have used faint shades of pink and coffee colour for these earrings. These delicate but beautiful looking earrings are showy and fashionable.

     Crocheting is easy, making crochet jewellery is also easy, but taking it's photos displaying the exact colour shade of crochet thread is quite difficult. So the colour in photo varies from actual colour of crochet earrings.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Quilled Key Chain

     Paper quilled key chain -

     Just after varnishing!

     This flower is made by using 3 mm paper strips and varnished with Camel Picture Varnish.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Ganesha - Flower shaped Decoration with Rolls of Newspaper - Year 2015

     This year just before two days of Ganesha Festival we decided to do the arrangement of sitting place of Ganesha differently and it came to my mind, that there is requirement of some new decoration. At such a short notice it was difficult to do the decoration, so I gave my try on newspaper roll's craft and succeeded in it. In just two days I made rolls of newspaper, woven them into petal like structure to make a flower shape and then painted it with different shades of pink using white and pink colour.

     Here it is a photograph of this flower shape kept in old container, before the installation of Ganesha.

     And here is the photograph of our Ganesha with flower shaped decoration, after the installation.

     Thus our Ganesha installed with this simple but eco-friendly decoration made using rolls of newspaper and doing newspaper craft.

     Happy Ganesha Festival to all!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Quilling Rangoli Around Thali

     I am writing this blog post to show you how I have used quilled designs in Rangoli. In India Rangoli is used for decoration at the time of festivals and other festive occasions. It is a tradition in India to decorate the Thali (Dish) with Rangoli while taking meal at festive occasions such as Marriage, Maunjibandhan etc. In Marriage the Rangolis around the Thalis of marrying couple are considered as necessary. Generally this Rangoli around thali is made by using pearl beads or decorated card board etc. But I have made these two Rangolis for the Marriage with a new quilled design, which is simple looking, as I didn't have enough time to do much quilling work.

     I have used theme of Indian Peacock for these two Rangolis. Both These Rangolis are having five parts with the same design, but there is only a slight difference of shade of green colour used in both Rangolis. Now you can see the photos of these two Rangolis.

The Close look of first Rangoli
Complete view of First Rangoli with increased brightness
Top part of Rangoli enlarged
Complete view of second Rangoli
Part of one side enlarged showing Peacock head and feather with other design
Both Rangolis arranged one below the other
     And after showing all these photos I want you to take a close look of Peacock's feathers, so have a look!

     I have made these Peacock feathers by using ten strips for single feather. All strips were having 5 mm size.
  • First Strip (Central Strip) - Dark blue
  • Second Strip - Slightly light blue
  • Third Strip - Very light bluish green
  • Fourth Strip - Greenish yellow shade of olive colour
  • Fifth Strip - Shade of green colour (I would have preferred yellowish green colour giving fluorescent appearance, but it was not available.)
  • Sixth Strip - Greenish yellow shade of olive colour
  • Seventh Strip - Greenish yellow shade of olive colour
  • Eighth Strip - Dark green colour
  • Ninth Strip - Dark green colour
  • Tenth Strip - Greenish yellow shade of olive colour used for making triangle below the blue eye of Peacock's feather.

That's All!